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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 19, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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entire game. >> karl: they'll need the rally. this ball is driven deep to left field. human behavior and the
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worst of human hatred. i hope that you have also seen the outpouring of support from americans around the country who are all truly heart broken by what happened in this community. >> added that the sikh community also has the backing of the department of justice and state and local law enforcement in working to prevent more hate crimes. a member of the fbi was on hand to stress the same message.
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associate of the giants' all-star created a fake website and product to try and fight off that 50-game suspension handed to cabrera by mlb earlier this week. the scheme is the first of its kind in mlb history. dave feldman joins us now with the latest. if this is a first for them, it must be a first for you, too. >> yeah, i think it is, chris. the melky cabrera saga getting uglier by the day. the new york daily news reporting an associate allegedly paid $10,000 for that phony website. the plan according to the paper was to try and fool mlb and suggest cabrera ordered a supplement from that website. that was fraudulently spiked with testosterone. the daily news says that is story unrabled quickly last month amid the investigation into his positive test. a famed investigator as well as agents from major league baseball are looking into cabrera's trainers handlers and
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agents. comcast sports net insider andrew baggerly says there's probably zero chance he ever returns to the orange and sfwlook it shows the depth of the level of deception that cabrera has gotten into ever since the positive test came out. obviously he didn't tell me the truth when i asked him about it, he didn't tell team trainers the truth or teammates. it just underscores why you're probably never going to see him in a giants' uniform again. >> his agents say they quote absolutely had no knowledge or dealings with anyone associated with the website. giants general manager bruce bow shi would not comment specifically on the report. >> the little league world series is under way in pennsylvania, and today the team representing northern california rallied from a deficit twice. >> california's top of the order. he lifts this one deep to center field. back goes brown. it's over his head.
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>> and yet, it wasn't enough to win the game. despite today's loss, the sonoma county all stars still have hopes of clinching the title and thousands of fans here at home are watching the team's journey every step of the way. i'm not sure they have any fingernails left. money francis is live in san francisco with the story. so exciting. >> this team has a lot of support here in the bay area. a lot of people in san francisco were watching the game today. that certainly was the case in the team's hometown of petaluma. hundreds of people packed a peeve theater in petaluma today to watch petaluma national play in a second round game of the little league world series in pennsylvania. the sonoma county all-stars rallied twice during today's game against goodlettsville of tennessee. but in the end, they lost the 9-6. the loss came as a disappointment to many fans, but if the team wins every game going forward, they still have a
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chance at the championship. >> these boys never give up. they have confidence in themself. they play to the bitter end. that's what they did today as you saw in the home run in the bottom of the sixth. >> regardless of the outcome, these kids are doing a great job. they're working real hard and you know, keeping their heads in the game. positive attitude. i mean, nobody was hanging their head after the game either. not a player in the dugout was hanging their head. >> as i said, this little league team has huge support from the community. all the proceeds from the theater viewings are going to help fund the petaluma team's travel expenses they play tomorrow against a team from new jersey. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. it is day two of the 37th annual san jose pride weekend in san jose. today started with a prayer service in quad lup pay park led
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by guest reverend jay baker of the revolution church of new york. he shared with us what his message was for those in attendance. >> i think the message is love. you know, how can we love each other and not -- you know we're all going to have differences, sexuality, race, background but how can we find common ground to love one another. >> baker is the son of jim and tammy faye bakker. pride festivities continue till 7:00 tonight in san jose. a fast-moving wildfire in northern california has forced thousands out of their homes. the fire is burning east of reading near the town of man then and heading toward the communities of somethingaltown and viola. the blaze already destroyed four homes and threatening nearly 4,000 other ones. the fires burn about 11 square miles and still not contained. investigators say it may have
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been sparked by lightning. and we're following breaking news out of the south bay right now where a small brush fire is burning in san jose just south of 280 near mclaughlin and seventh street. this is video from our san jose camera taken just moments ago where you can see that large plume of smoke. the flames are about three feet tall and two acres are burned so far. we'll continue to follow this fire and bring you more information as we get it. >> we're wachingts fires both here and especially in northern california just off to the east of reading. you heard about the evacuations taking place near shingletown. 15% humidity. hot temperatures. tomorrow's forecast not helping matters there. bay area a different story. temperatures starting to cool down, thanks to a stronger seabreeze which hints that changes in your seven-day forecast. i'll have a look at that in a few minutes. >> plus, it is the hot topic on the campaign trail. what president obama's deputy campaign manager had to say about the medicare debate today.
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and from the balcony of the british embassy in he can qua do, the founder of wikileaks makes his first public appearance in months and julian assange has some demands for the united states.
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supporters stood outside the embassy waiting to hear from assange. dozens of british police line the streets. this is the first public appearance by assange since he entered the embassy two months ago. he is avoiding being extradited to sweden. on thursday ecuador granted him asylum. >> the united states must dissolve its fbi investigation.
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united states must vow that it will not seek to prosecute our supporters. >> yesterday the obama administration said the fate of assange is a matter for sweden, britain, and ecuador to resolve. the white house has no comment on assange's comments today. well, if republican paul ryan isn't a household name yet, he will be one very soon. already mitt romney's pick for vice presidential running mate is changing the dynamic of the 2012 campaign. both parties are betting it is good news for the ticket. here's more from washington. >> reporter: in just over a week on the campaign trail. vp candidate paul ryan has changed the national political conversation. >> medicare -- >> medicare. >> medicare. >> medicare. >> reporter: medicare and what the republicans plan to do with it is suddenly the hot topic thanks to the budget plan proposed by the house budget committee chairman. >> congressman ryan wants to
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turn medicare into a voucher system. >> if mitt romney and paul ryan get elected to the white house, medicare will be bankrupt by the end of their first term. >> reporter: ryan and his mom were dispatched to the biggest district in senior rich florida to attack the president. that visit is the center piece of a new web ad released by the romney campaign. >> medicare should not be used as a piggy bank for obama care. it should be the promise made to our current seniors, period. end of story. >> whatever changes get made to medicare, they will not effect current seniors. this president cannot say the same. >> reporter: the focus on medicare could be a detour or might be rewriting the political road map. the good news and the bad news for mitt romney, paul ryan hasn't done much to change the poll numbers. brian mooar, nbc news washington. still to come, a cooldown is
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in the forecast. we're going to check in with rob in a moment. also details on the fire that was burning in san jose. where it happened and what the latest is. and would you be willing to ditch your phone for a break on dinner? how one restaurant is trying to get diners to get old fashioned face time. ♪ ♪ i'm thinking sweet ♪ and i'm thinking new
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how often do you check your phone when you're out o dinner? one l.a. restaurant is asking diners to knock it off and they will knock off the tab. they want people to pay attention to the dinner partner than the folk on the phones. >> it's like a choke check for devices at the restaurant. and a 5% meal discount when diners leave their phones in the basket. many ask why no one thought of this before. >> i think it's great. although i got to admit, i'm guilty.
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i saw it after i sat down. >> i think it's borish people sit around and talk on phones while eating. so i think it's a model. >> reporter: the chef thinks distracted dining can be minimized. >> if you're distracted by work or texting or whatever it might be, you're not going to be in the moment. we want people to be in the moment not only with the food but with each other. >> reporter: the owner of this phone took a pass. >> i do have a phone. it's in my pocket. i'd rather silence it as i enter rather than give it up. >> reporter: overall saving money for checking items at the door seems to be popular. >> i think people really appreciate it. yeah, they're surprised. it's not something a lot of places are doing. >> i think it's good they want to turn things back the way they were before people were on the phone all the time. always taking pictures.
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>> and that was light reporting in l.a. back here at home, we have an update on the breaking news fire out of the south bay. it is a wind-driven brush fire burning in san jose just south of 280 near mclaughlin and seventh streets. this was taken just before 4:00. we checked with firefighters. it has burned four to five acres and they're hoping to have it contained within about the next half hour. a few homes nearby were evacuated as well as a homeless encampment at a nearby creek. we will continue to follow this fire and bring you more information as we get it. now let's check in with rob. it's no surprise that there's certainly plenty of material to burn. it's been nice and dry. >> this time of year really into the first half of september we're at the driest point of the year. any wind that gets going can increase on the bay area. the wind we're seeing is pumping in some moisture and bringing in
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low clouds. got some mist flying with the low clouds. san francisco about to see the clouds rolling in. look at the temperatures out there. it's not hot. obviously today the temperatures have cooled off quite a bit. we're looking at high temperatures across the bay area as we leak at the temperatures around the bay area right now. you'll see our numbers are in the 80s for inland valley. 60 san francisco and oakland. good sea breeze out there reaching fairfield. southwest winds up to 25 miles an hour. and northwest winds in san jose. that's why you saw the smoke drifting away towards downtown. when the winds are strong like this, it stirs up the ground air pollution. no worries about a spare the air day. the fog will be out tomorrow morning. with misty skies around the bay and coast. temperatures are looking cool to start the week. then warming up as we approach next weekend. lots of fog out there around the golden gate. and once again, it was santa
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cruz with the sunshine and temperatures today in the upper 70s. still thunderstorms here in the sier sierra. on the crest towards the east side now and around yosemite. that's where the moisture will stay into the start of the work week. we've got this trough across the west coast. there you can see all the clouds on the coast. and cool temperatures will continue around the peninsula and coast. inland locations seeing those highs mostly in the 80s as we get back to the work week. here comes the low clouds again. mostly in the 50s. some patchy clouds. and livermore again tomorrow. as we head through the afternoon just like we saw today, maybe more sun out here on the coast. temperatures, though, ranging from the 60s here to 70s and 80s inland. tonight we'll see the low clouds come misting back in. high temperatures tomorrow, well, as you get towards gillroy close to 90 degrees.
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that's the exception to the rule. mostly 70s and 80s inland. 80 degrees in livermore. should see the numbers in the 70s and low 80s. so it's looking fairly cool. especially toward the mid part of the week. cool temperatures and then eventually towards next weekend, that's when the 90s are coming back. looks like we'll see the warmest days of the week. i think the warmest days next saturday and sunday. we'll see the 90s coming back. >> that sounds nice and pleasant. the kids are back at school. >> it's nice. >> thank you very much, rob. we will be right back with how one woman is trying to swim from cuba all the way to florida. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going to read one of these. i'm going to read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender gets into hard to reach places
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flight attendants at bankrupt american airlines voted to approve a contract offer from the airline. results released today show the majority of flight attendants voted to accept the contract.
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60% to 40%. that's according to the association of professional flight attendants. by voting for the airline's proposal, flight attendants will avoid deeper cuts in bankruptcy court. now, the bankruptcy court still has to sign off on that new deal before it can go into effect. an american swimmer is not flying. she is trying to swim the waters between cuba and florida. she began her swim yesterday from havana. according to her support team, she has been doing the backstroke. this is the 62-year-old's fourth attempt at making that crossing. this time she's swimming without a protective shark cage. she says it should take about 60 hours to complete the journey. during her most recent attempt last year, she abandoned the 103-mile swim because of jellyfish stings. and the olympic flag from the london games is now in brazil which will host the games in 2016.
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the flag made a grand entrance today at the top of the rio statue. it was surrounded by all of the countries that took part in the london games and received blessings from seven different religions. in november the flag will be moved to a new olympic monument in the downtown district. now we want to check in with rob. we saw that video of rio, it looks like here. >> it'll be interesting to see how the weather plans out. i'm sure it'll be warmer than london. >> or they'll have to cover up like they did for beach volleyball. >> look forward to that. 2016. surprising we don't have the countdown to that. right now show you the temperatures around the bay area. it is a jacket evening outside for san jo, san mateo, even san jose. 72 degrees before 5:00 on an august late afternoon. pretty chilly by san jose
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standards. the sea breeze has been an all-day event. we saw it this morning through fairfield. same winds 25 miles per hour. so the cool air still quite a ways inland today. it's also bringing in low clouds. the satellite view is interesting here. you can see him spinning through the gap to the golden gate bridge. but santa cruz kind of benefitting there. that will be the escape to find a lot of sunshine. just gorgeous temperatures there. we'll see the same into monday. as you look at the satellite, you'll see those clouds. that's the big story for the work week. that's going to super charge the ocean air conditioning as we like to say. temperatures through the day tomorrow. only the warmest spots in the mid to upper 80s inland. pretty mild. just a notch or two warmer for livermore tomorrow. then next weekend, that's when we'll start to warm back up. we'll get the 90s coming back into next weekend. nice looking forecast. >> don't take out all the fall
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fashions just yet. >> no. >> thank you for joining us an hour early. nbc nightly news is next followed by -- it's football time. andrew luck and the indianapolis colts against the pittsburgh steelers. we'll see you back here after the game. and of course, again, at 11:00. release me, momigus!
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